Headlines, Headaches and the Human Condition

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Headlines,-Headaches-and-the-Human-Condition Headlines, Headaches and the Human Condition


Headlines, Headaches and the Human Condition

When normal doesn't work and how to deal with it

​​New book out now! In paper back and e-book.

Steve uses everyday language to take us behind some very public headlines and some very real everyday headaches. Headlines, Headaches and the Human Condition explains how unwanted headlines arise and why we suffer headaches that we, or others, did not intend to create.

Steve explains, "Headlines and headaches often arise without malice and regardless of knowledge or skill. They happen when people use normal human processes to deal with their situations. The processes we use day-to-day have helped us evolve and survive for thousands of years, but often let us down in modern day situations.

Headlines, Headaches and the Human Condition is a book we can all use to make situations more manageable and more productive for ourselves, for our organisations and for society.

The model presented in this book has helped many individuals and organisations and relates to all situations. The model helps focus on the role of expectations in situations and how the way we manage or ignore expectations can work for or against us. With this book, Steve, "wants more people to hear about and benefit from this model and the situations it has helped improve. In sharing these experiences I hope, at least, to make some lives a bit easier and a bit better."

As one critique reviews "Headlines, Headaches and the Human Condition is not trying to be clever and is written in a non-stuffy, non-judgemental style. I am left feeling as though I've had a constructive one-to-one chat with Steve – he seems to know what it's like to be an ordinary human both at home and at work and I feel all the better for my 'conversation' with him."

This book is available from: Troubador​

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