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We offer a range of tools to help our clients manage change within their business.  All WHE UK work is bespoke but we do have tried and tested tools and techniques in our resources that we draw upon. 

We also produce the following tools to support organisations:​​​

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Manager’s Performance and Learning (PAL) E-Tool

The Manager’s PAL helps managers identify a wide variety of learning resources to support their staff’s development. Each learning resource is linked to a behaviour that it supports. Use it free of charge.​

Some managers like it so much they use it for their own development too! We would like to share the Manager’s PAL with you. If you like it, feel free to keep using it and share the link with your friends and colleagues. You can use the service as many times as you like and there is no charge however, if you have a spare minute we would love you to contact us with feedback. Thank you.

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Please click on this link to try it out: and use the following login and password:

  • Login - DManager1
  • Password - demo1234

Where did the idea for the Manager’s PAL come from?

Working with organisations across the world for the past 30 years as a Business Psychologist, Steve recognised a gap in the support offered to managers. Managers can see when their staff struggle at work but frequently have difficulty in getting to the root cause of the issue, so that they can offer appropriate and effective support. When staff lack confidence or motivation, managers rarely have the necessary toolkit or knowhow to help them. All too often managers fall back on a familiar solution and send staff on a training course rather than exploring the wider range of options available. Training can be time consuming, costly and may not produce the required results. Steve had the idea of a tool that would guide managers through from the issue they observed to potential causes and potential cures – specific learning resources. Working with MyKnowledgeMap, (see below) and several pilot organisations, we developed the ‘Manager’s Performance and Learning (PAL) Electronic Tool’.

How will the Manager’s PAL help me?

The Manager’s PAL E-Tool helps managers to address specific work behaviours and identify which knowledge, skills or attitudes are stopping them from being used effectively. Once development need has been agreed there are a variety of suggested learning resources to help staff address that need. Using the Manager’s PAL is quick and easy and with a few ‘clicks’ will help managers and their staff identify and start to address the causes of underperformance. ​

What do MyKnowledgeMap do?

MyKnowledgeMap worked closely with WHE UK to produce the Manager’s PAL E-tool. The tool fits very well with the MyKnowledgeMap system; Really Managing Capability; designed for managing competencies across an organisation. Users of this system include CIPD and large, medium and small organisations across both the private and public sectors. Working with WHE UK, MyKnowledgeMap can provide associated solutions that integrate with and are tailored to your specific organisation’s needs.

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Organisational development diagnostic tool

This diagnostic tool is based on our model of 'Influences on Actions' and helps identify influences that are helping or hindering an organisation's performance. This tool can inform an evidence based approach to planning and managing change and performance improvements at team and organisational levels.

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