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Get it now in paperback or E book at Troubador



The hard and sometimes painful work of preparing and designing this book has been done. This book is now available in print and in e-book formats and published by Matador. Link to Troubador​

Our thanks to all of our clients and colleagues who have encouraged us to write the book and who furnished us with the opportunities to develop our ideas and to put theory into practice.

In this book, Steve describes the need for our approach to looking at and understanding performance in any situation. He uses headline issues, such as MP's expenses, the banking crisis and problems in the NHS as well as examples of headaches in social and organisational settings to illustrate how the way we have evolved affects how we behave. How and why we behave well in some situations and how and why we behave not so well in others.

​This practical book will show how we set up situations using our reasoning and why, unless we account for individuals' feelings, we can easily contribute to the kinds of headlines and headaches that we want to avoid.

Steve describes our model and how it can be used to analyse and understand all types of situations. He explains how situations differ depending on the person and how to make situations easier to set up and manage successfully.

And no jargon, just everyday examples and everyday language. ​​

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